TEDxKazimierz Main Event 2021 - CHANGE

14 Października 2021, 18:00-21:00 (Czwartek)

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Can we change our past? How do we change who we are right now? Is there a way to change the environment we live in? How do we create a society, that does not form for the sake of mutual advantage, but for the love of one another? What can we and what can YOU do to make the change possible?

During our TEDxKazimierz Main Event of 2021, we will prove to you, that things do not necessarily have to be the way they are right now. We will share the ideas, that will change your perspective, that will inspire you to bring your own ideas to life. We will share the ideas that will leave you grateful, hopeful and motivated to do more.

This event is focused on presenting the ideas that have been changing the communities and countries in which they are deployed or the lives of those listening. We will share impactful ideas through the following TEDxKazimierz talks.

Domen Kocevar - co-founder and a member of One Humanity Institute, will share his idea about One Humanity and a project he is working on in Oswiecim in order to embrace the history of this beautiful city and reveal the potential it has.

Agnieszka Czmyr - Kaczanowska - founder of "MamoPracuj" project, will talk about how women who have just recently given birth and are trying to come back to their professional life can be empowered and should feel brave to make the first steps after their maternity break.

Dimirtije Jelic - founder of a Time Code music agency. His talk will be focused on entrepreneurship in music, and the transformation that the music industry is going through at the moment.

Rafał Garbacz - Founder and CEO of Utter.One voice technology company will be sharing the story of how voice technology can change our perception of technology and make it more accessible.

As usual, TEDxKazimierz attendees will be participants, not passive bystanders. We will lay on engagements and activities to keep everyone who comes part of our event. We will also feature entertainment, such as live music, workshop sessions, and community-building activities.

Book your ticket and we will be happy to see you soon at our Main TEDxKazimierz event!

Your TEDxKazimierz Team

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