Get Control Over Your Sales - Sales Process & the Winning Mindset of Sales

16 Grudnia 2021, 12:00 (Czwartek)

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We invite you to the SoDA workshop held by two sales practitioners from SALESDOCk company. 

Topic: Get Control Over Your Sales - Sales Process & the Winning Mindset of Sales

Many companies fail to define their sales process, as they don't realize it's not just about what they have to do, but also about the steps that need to be taken on the customer's side in order to make a deal happen. Even worse, many of them don't even think about implementing it in their company. The truth is, the sooner you have a well-defined sales process, the faster you will gain control over sales performance. 

✅ Agenda: 

  • Why it is important to have control over your sales: reasons and benefits;
  • Handy instructions to design and employ the sales process;
  • Performance metrics you should be achieving;
  • Rules and best sales practices to follow.

✅ Speakers:

  • Jakub Hon - CEO and Co-Founder of SALESDOCk, with many years of experience in the industry.
  • Agnieszka Adamczyk - in SALESDOCk is responsible for business development and sales training delivery.

SALESDOCk is a Sales as a Service company. With thair hands-on experience,  thay help B2B companies to scale sales by redesigning sales processes and executing sales. SALESDOCk either work as an external salesforce or teach companies how to sell, so they don't fail due to a lack of sales competency. Among others, they worked with companies like Tableau, Forcepoint, Data Sapiens, and YSoft. Connecting remotely, Salesdock want to show how to bring transparency to your B2B sales and control the deals so that you can gain the ability to predict and scale your sales. No black magic or pseudo-coaching, they know how annoying that can be. SALESDOCk will share with you their best practices and sales know-how gained throughout years of cooperation with tech companies.

✅ The meeting will be held in english.

✅ Only for SoDA members. 

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