Strengthening Microelectronics And ICT In Europe Together

25 Kwietnia 2022, 14:00 (Poniedziałek)

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Wyprzedane Brak wolnych miejsc
Wyprzedane Brak wolnych miejsc

Join the webinar: Strengthening Microelectronics And ICT In Europe Together.

We invite you to an exchange of experience with our partner, Silicon Saxony on working in international teams. Companies usually know the competencies within the local network very well, but often little about companies in neighbouring countries. Networking with Germancompanies offers opportunities for getting to know each other better and intensify exchange.

✅ Speakers:

Thomas Leps, Director IAB at Systema, has been cooperating with a Polish team in Wroclow since 2018. He has had to deal intensively with various issues, such as:

  • What added value does working with teams from other countries offer us?
  • What kind of partner is suitable for us?
  • How do you find good developers who are good at understanding domains such as the needs of semiconductor manufacturers?
  • How do you build a team in a foreign subsidiary, what are the things to pay special attention to?
  • What are suitable onboarding elements?In a best practice presentation, he provides insights into the process and valuable tips.

Dr. Krzysztof Rychlicki-Kicior is a CEO of a software development company Makimo, an assistant professor and the Dean of Computer Science studies in University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw, and Head of Education Committee in SoDA. He has 18 years of commercial experience in IT, focusing mostly on web & mobile software development and building teams designed for working with organizations as diverse as startups, SMEs and corporations. He's also an accomplished book writer, a speaker at conferences and a passionate educator. His scientific interest focuses mostly on digital processing of image and audio data, especially using modern Deep Learning techniques. 

✅ The meeting will be held in English. 

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