Tech MeetUp: Quality and scalability under control in cloud solutions

22 Czerwca 2022, 17:30-22:00 (środa)

Browar Lubicz (sala Dojrzewalnia), Kraków Zobacz na mapie

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This is the first Tech MeetUp that we are organizing after such a long break!

During Tech MeetUp, we will tackle the topic:Quality and scalability under control in cloud solutions.

Building mission critical scalable solutions deployed into commercial cloud environments is hard but not impossible. In this event, you will be able to get practical experience and tips for creating robust cloud based IT systems.

When: Wednesday, June 22nd, we start at 5:30 PM!

Where: Lubicz 17J Browar (Krakow)

Meet the Speakers from Motorola Solutions:

I Topic: End to end tests got hiccups? Quarantine them!

Speaker: Piotr Płazieński has been working for 17 years on mission critical communications, last six have included a focus on efficient & reliable software delivery in both legacy and cloud native environments.

The cloud - a world of volatile, frequently updated microservices where integration and end-to-end testing done "the traditional way" creates a new set of challenges. Some of those can be avoided with different approach that matches fast paced development environment and needs for reliable software.

II Topic:Testing performance and services autoscaling in Kubernetes cluster

Speaker: Maciej Rabsztyn has been working with Motorola for over 15 years, from ASTRO mobile radios, through WAVE PTT broadband systems, up to today's Emergency Call Handling cloud solutions.

Performance is one of the key aspects of Public Safety solutions and Auto Scalability is tightly connected with it. I will present our solution for automated testing system performance together with service autoscabilty in Kubernetes cluster.

III Topic: Scaling asynchronous batch processing with POSTUMUS

Speaker:  Piotr Jachowicz is a staff developer at Motorola Solutions. He develops distributed systems in Azure cloud.

Postumus is a framework for asynchronous pipelines batch processing. As traffic grows it has been scaled to a solution consisting of 12 services running on 41 pods. The talk will discuss problems and solutions implemented during service growth.

Our Special Guest will be Łukasz Kałużny. Łukasz is a consultant dealing with Cloud-Native and Microsoft Azure solutions for almost 10 years. He has been working with Docker-based containers since 2014. Since 2012, he has been awarded the title of Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft year after year. During the presentation, Łukasz will talk about Intelligent scaling of applications on Kubernetes using KEDA.

Each presentation will last 20 minutes and will end with a Q&A session.Tech MeetUp will be organized in English.

The places are limited, so book yours responsibly and do not block it from others.

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