Tech MeetUp: Web Applications in hybrid cloud-on prem solutions

26 Stycznia 2023, 18:00 (Czwartek)

Browar Lubicz, Kraków Zobacz na mapie

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  Tech MeetUp: 26.01.2023
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The first face to face 💡Tech MeetUp in 2023 is ahead of us! Throughout the meeting we are taking up the topic of: Web Applications in hybrid cloud-on prem solutions

When: Thursday 26.01
Where: Browar Lubicz, Kraków (Room Dojrzewalnia, Lubicz 17J) 
Language: English

Below is the Tech MeetUp's agenda:

👉18:00-18:10 Opening

👉18:10-18:40 - I presentation: Server-sent events as a way of real-time updates. During the speech, you will learn how Customer Web Portal team handles real-time notifications with the use of server-sent events, our motivation behind this approach, what we had to take into consideration as well as the limitations of the technology 

Speaker: Adrian Krzemiński is a Software Engineer with 3 years of experience in Web development. He's been part of multiple projects across Command Central Suite.

👉18:40-19:10 - II presentation: Microfrontend design - lessons learned based on implementation and deployment. A strategy for building a modern web app with multiple teams that can deliver features independently. Let's talk about challenges encountered during implementation of numerous applications in the microfrontend architecture.

Speaker: Łukasz Bugajski has been working with Motorola for over 2 years. He has been part of the team taking care of the implementation and deployment of several projects based on the microfrontend architecture between multiple applications. Enthusiast of standalone and scalable web applications

👉19:10-19:40 - III presentationMulti-screen web applications. Developing multi-screen web applications seems like a challenging task. You have to deal with cross-window communication, web browser limitations, security aspects, multi-window positioning, and integration with popular web frameworks (e.g. Angular). I will show how we solved these problems in our products.

Speaker: Bartłomiej Olejak is one of the architects working on the CommandCentral Suite. He has 17 years of software development experience. The last 7 years he has been building the web applications and cloud services. 

After all presentations a 10 minute 💬 Q&A session will take place.

👉 19:40-21:00 Time for networking, free beer (you will receive a voucher) and delicious treats 😉.

Microfrontend is one of the topics discussed at Thursday's meeting! In the article Łukasz Bugajski describes how relatively new architecture for creating web applications revolutionizes the way we build applications: Microfrontend design (

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