Akka Typed Fundamentals | 12 June 8:30 CEST | EN

12 june 2020, 08:30-16:30 (friday)

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One of the biggest drawbacks of Akka Actors - the lack of type safety is finally addressed. Since 2.6.0 release Akka Typed is stable and recommended as the default choice when working with Akka stack. Let's play with the new actors API, walk through the basics of behaviours, learn about actor lifecycle, supervision, scheduling and other fundamental concepts. Then you'll compare it to the classical approach. Of course not everybody is lucky enough to work on a greenfield project, so we can also show you how to introduce Akka Typed to existing sources and combine two worlds of actors in one application. During this workshop you will explore important patterns and takeaways we've learned while introducing typed actors to our system.


  1. Actor Model: basic theory 
  2. disadvantages of untyped actors 
  3. spawning actors 
  4. sender() vs replyTo 
  5. actor behaviours 
  6. testing
  7. typed actor lifecycle 
  8. designing actor API 
  9. error handling and supervision 
  10. creating and managing child actors 
  11. timers 
  12. spawning protocol receptionist pattern 
  13. typed and untyped actors coexistence (optional)
  14. stash (optional)
  15. dispatchers (optional)

Basic knowledge of Scala language. No previous knowledge of Akka stack is required, although users experienced with Classical Akka will also benefit from this workshop. 

Andrzej Ludwikowski
Krzysztof Ciesielski

max 15 people