Design Blueprints Remote - Krakow IT Architects community webinar #2

19 Listopada 2020, 16:00-17:15 (Czwartek)

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  Design Blueprints Remote - Krakow IT Architects community webinar 2
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Hey Krakow IT Architect, long time no see! We're moving Design Blueprints meetup to online world - this time in formula of webinars. 

What does good look like in IT Architecture? How and when can you be confident you've made the right decision? Whether you're a team lead, an engineer or an IT architect, the design decisions impact us all. Join us at the next Architecture webinar and let's share our experiences with design patterns for a guided tour of the complex landscape of IT architecture. It's a session to learn from others and from each other. 

Let us present the speaker and topic for Krakow IT Architects community webinar #2:

Rafal Sontowski, Applications Architect at William Hill will talk about # Decomposing Monoliths into MicroServices ## (plus how to avoid it)

# Decomposing Monoliths into MicroServices ## (plus how to avoid it)

Look at Bonus Platform with an attempt to answer following questions:
  • What is wrong with Monoliths?
  • What is the promise of MicroService architecture?
  • How to turn a Monolith into Event Driven CQRS System?
  • Is the MicroService architecture really different than Monolith?
Compilation of wisdom shared by Uncle Bob, Martin Fowler and Sam Newman on:
  • Agile Design
  • Event Driven Architectures
  • Decomposition of Monoliths
About Rafał: 
Developer by choice, Architect by nature, sometimes acting as Manager. Started professional career in last century. Last 10 years spent in Infrastructure and Application Architect roles in telco, travel and banking industries. Helps teams integrate large, high-volume transaction systems, stays focused on stability and non-functional requirements. Likes working as a Developer, taking responsibility for design and implementation.

Please reserve a ticket and wait for email confirming participation. We'll be sending out link to the event one day before the session and reminder on the day of the event - just to make sure you won't miss it! 

This is the second webinar from Krakow IT Architects community but we've already got more in the agenda! If you want to join, you can book a ticket in advance and then wait for more details later !

If you want to be up to date with our initiatives make sure you follow us on Krakow IT Architects meetup and on Grand Parade facebook page!

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