Codete & Zdrowy Umysł - Mindfulness Workshop

6 Września 2022, 16:00-17:30 (Wtorek)


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  Codete & Zdrowy Umysł - Mindfulness Workshop
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Pandemic times showed us how important it is to take care of our mental health. At Codete, we know it as well, so we decided to team up with Zdrowy Umysł (Eng. Healthy Mind), professional mindfulness trainers, to organize an online workshop that will help you to maintain emotional balance. 🧘

Tomasz Lipowski, who also works as Delivery Manager at Codete, together with his colleague Marcin Wozich, will tell us about the link between stress and thoughts that our brains create.

Discover what mindfulness is and check out special meditation techniques that will enable you to cool down even the biggest emotions.

📆 WHEN? 06.09.2022, Tuesday

⌚ WHAT TIME? 4 pm

📌 WHERE? On Zoom

Meet our speakers:

🔶Tomasz Lipowski - studied meditation in the Wat Tam Wua temple in Thailand, among Buddhist monks. He gives mindfulness classes for companies, individuals, and children in several different parts of the world. "Healthy Mind" is a project that resulted from his previous initiative - "Globventure".

🔶Marcin Wozich - he has been gathering experience during voyages to Thailand, Nepal, and other Asian destinations for over 16 years. As a result, Marcin keeps sharing his knowledge with others while conducting workshops. He's focused on both meditation and Saranagati Yoga, writing more about them on his blogs.

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Event will be held in English. 

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