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  Meet & greet at the OANDA office!
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馃搶 This upcoming meet.js will be held in a hybrid form, combining the traditional meeting at the OANDA office (Zab艂ocie 43B) with online streaming. This will also be a unique opportunity to meet & greet with fintech companies from Krakow.
馃搶 What can you expect? Great presentations, welcome packs for 20 guests, snacks & beer and online contests for everyone participating - both virtually and in-person.
馃搶 If you would like to visit us at the office, please register using this evenea event. In case you are registered but can not come, please let us know.


馃搶 Bartosz Jakubowiak & Krystian M臋偶yk - How to design a universal exchange API using Apollo Server
Krystian and Bartosz will share the story of how one can design an exchange API able to serve exchange rates from multiple sources through one single GraphQL query. Presentation will cover the process taking into account business requirements, architectural decisions that have to be made as well as a top down sample implementation using Typescript, Apollo Server, Apollo Client and React Native.

Bartosz Jakubowiak
Team Lead at Trading Platform Team responsible for making sure day-to-day work is well defined and there are no roadblocks the team could stumble upon during product development.If the time lets him he likes to engage in code reviews and company wide architectural discussions.

Krystian M臋偶yk
Trading platforms Architect at OANDA. On a daily basis he works with software engineers and several teams to provide best in class OANDA platforms client experience. After work, he is a newly minted dad of Milenka spending time with his family, passionate about motorcycling.

馃搶 Mikhail Stetc - Sophisticated refactoring of JS/TS codebase
Hi, I'm Mikhail from Remitly.
Remitly is a digital remittance service, which allows people around the world to transfer their funds and help their families far away from them.
So my and my team's everyday work is to deliver a product which makes the process smooth and reliable.
I've got 10 years of experience in frontend development starting from very vanilla JS and jQuery, and to the Angular and React, with JS, TS and even Dart.
But today I want to shift out of project development and give a short introduction of how you can use tools like js codes hift, babel-code mod and recast to write a code, which will help you with complex refactoring, API migration process and much more.

If you would like to see the full agenda of the event, please check this meet.js page:

See you soon!

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