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  Pricing & Sales for Creatives - Bootcamp z Chrisem Do
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The guru of running
creative businesses

Chris Do is the founder of The Futur, currently the most popular education platform for the creative community. For nearly half a million subscribers, the teaching methods and knowledge passed on are invaluable help and guidance leading to rapid career development.

Chris conducts workshops around the world, including prestigious projects such as: Digital Design Days, Adobe Max, AIGA.

As Chief Strategist and CEO of Blind, Chris and his team have been involved in projects for brands such as: Nike, Intel, Honda, Sony, Audi, EA, Activision, Google, RIOT games, Snapchat, Facebook, Ford, Microsoft and many more. Chris also worked as a lecturer at the Art Center College of Design for several years.

Today, Chris Do cultivates his passion for teaching and his mission to help the creative industry.

Agenda of the
Pricing & Sales for Creatives workshops

Day 1: Actual price and estimated value:

  • What is the most valuable aspect of your work and how to determine it?
  • How to determine the amount to charge?
  • When to talk about money?
  • Preparing an effective offer - "One page" method
  • Why hourly valuation is wrong - learn about value-based pricing

Day 2 Sale and objections:

  • What does it actually mean to sell?
  • Amateurs give advice. Experts diagnose
  • 4 types of clients and how to work with them
  • Winning disputes with the client - practical exercises
  • Role-playing - practical exercises and Q&A

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