#61 Talk4Devs | Going SOLID with DI in Angular

24 Września 2020, 18:00 (Czwartek)

Online, Zoom,

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  61 Talk4Devs
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Nir Kaufman - Going SOLID with DI in Angular 

During this session you will learn what are the SOLID principles, and how Angular dependency injection system enables you to build modular, maintainable features that applies to these principles.

During the session, we will live code a feature from scratch while explaining the API and patterns involved.

Nir Kaufman:

Google developer expert in web technologies and Angular, worldwide speaker, trainer, author, and meetup organizer. 

When he is not coding he makes music and vegan food.


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Talk4Devs took place for the first time in 2014 as a space for sharing knowledge in the IT industry. Initially, these were meetings addressed to students, but over time, specialists who wanted to broaden their knowledge and share it with others began to come to them as well.

Currently, after 60 editions Talk4Devs is a unique meeting on the IT events map. It is associated with qualified speakers, inspiring talks and hungry for knowledge engineers.

We offer 100% content from various IT areas

The meetings are related to trends in the main areas of programming, function languages, microservices, machine learning, databases and many others.

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