Videomapping projections workshop

10 Maja 2024, 17:00 (Piątek) - 11 Maja 2024, 23:59 (Sobota)

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Festival of Light Gdańsk 80-802, ul. Gradowa 6, Hevelianum, Newton's room Videomapping projections workshop - student ticket

Festival of Light Gdańsk 80-802, ul. Gradowa 6, Hevelianum, Newton's room

dostępnych: 5

już niedostępne 250,00 zł -
  Videomapping projections workshop - regular ticket

dostępnych: 10

już niedostępne 308,00 zł -

Videomapping projections workshop

The aim of the workshop is to give explanation on how use video projection for stage design and architectural spaces.

We will look at diverse techniques for production and use of site-specific video content, in order to create a video mapping projection (using resolume or every kind of video mixing software). Workshops have their finale on Gdańsk Festival of Light on Saturday evening. The participants on will have the chance to participate in a group performace and present the work they've prepared to the Festival's audience. 


  • Own laptop for the workshops
  • Basic knowledge of any graphical software Photoshop, Canva, etc.
  • Workshops will be in English - so bring your English skills ;)


This is a two day 6.5h workshops

  • Friday 10.05.2024 17:00 - 20:00 Theoretical background, introduction to videomapping concepts
  • Saturday 11.05.2024 17:00 - 20:00 Practical work
  • Saturday 11.05.2024 ~ 22:00 public performance during the Festival


The workshop will take place in Hevelianum, Columbus room. Be on the spot 15 mins earlier in case you have any troubles finding the room.

About the artist:

Nicola Pavone (Vj Luper) is A/V Performer, DJ, Videomapper & Media Designer. His work deals with Video, Music, Architectural Mapping and Interactive Media. Based in Prague, he relentlessly explores all possible interactions between sound-movement-space. He also teaches courses and workshops of video-mapping.

Video: //


Artist Collective in Prague

Mail: [email protected]

Feel free to get in touch via email if you have any questions about the workshops!

Festival of Light? Can you tell me more?

This workshop is part of an initiative of Tricity 

Our festival blurs the line between art and science and breaks down barriers between artists and audiences. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, or education, is invited to participate and co-create the event. We invite you to actively take part - not just to watch, but also to create and showcase your own projects. Here, every creator can present their own interpretation of light in the form of a show, exhibition, installation, lecture, or concert - because our Light Festival is open to everyone... interested? read on: There are many events, workshops, and exhibitions during the Festival so be sure to check our webite.

How can I reach out if I have questions?

e-mail us: [email protected]

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