WarsawJS Meetup #99 [JavaScript] - onsite

14 Grudnia 2022, 18:30-22:30 (środa)

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  WarsawJS Meetup 99
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► Krzysztof Wojnarowski — Seedable pseudo number generator on Logistic Map

Quick overview of what are the use cases for manually seeded pseudo number generators, and why chaotic systems are not the best choice to base on. We will compare a linear congruential generator with one created basing on a logistic map.

►Natalia Pyka —Javascript in embedded systems: best of both worlds?

Usage of JavaScript in constrained systems has raised many questions and controversies for C and Assembler-oriented engineers in the past, to say the least. In my talk I would like to analyze from the embedded system veteran's point of view what are the risks and benefits of using JavaScript as a language of choice in the environment where every bit of memory matters.

► Dzianis Pryshchep — Next.js in React

There are a lot of companies, projects, startup's are using Next.js and SSR mechanism for their business needs today, so we have good demand on that pretty interesting React framework. Instrument allows to achieve your project goals out of the box, easy to start, easy to learn, easy to achieve necessary project goals. During our conversations we will review Next.js from the different directions - use cases, production experience sharing, pros and cons, explanation how it works. Let's discuss and review it even in case you didn't hear it before or already works with it few years.


➛ Box — https://www.box.com

➛ Callstack — https://www.callstack.com

➛ Daftcode — https://daftcode.pl

➛ Evolution — https://www.evolution.com

➛ Fresha — https://www.fresha.com

➛ iTech Art —https://www.itechart.com

➛ Prisma — https://www.prisma.io

➛ Softserve Inc —https://www.softserveinc.com

➛ Xfaang — https://xfaang.com

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