We are Polish software company founded by engineers for engineers in 2008 with all the best business practices and values. We provide complete development teams, individual engineers and outsourcing of whole projects in agile models in the field of software development.
We do good IT, or not at all - that’s why at j-labs we gather the best talents, giving them the opportunity to use and develop their skills, thus providing the highest level of software development to our clients.

Facts about us:
• Technical specialization: Java (and other JVM languages), Frontend, .NET, QA.
• Microservice & DLT centers of excellence: consulting, training, software development.
• 3 location - Cracow, Warsaw, Munich
• Over 40 clients in fields of fintech, telco, e-commerce, travel & airlines, automotive, Logistics, banking
• Over 300 top-talented engineers with a passion for technology
• 7 years - the average experience of j-labs engineers

If you are an engineer, looking to join a great and fast-moving company, check our job offers on https://www.j-labs.pl/career.