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  Motorola Solutions TECH MEETUP
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Reaching 99.999% availability in cloud.

Building mission-critical software for five nines (99.999%) availability deployed into commercial cloud environments is hard but not impossible. Join virtual Tech Meetup to get practical experience and tips for creating robust and available, cloud-based IT systems.

Meet our speakers!

High Availability, Geo Redundancy, Disaster Resilience and other Mythological Creatures
Scott Tomlin

SYNOPSIS: Cloud computing has become essential to the live services and products offered and maintained by many companies across all industries. In addition - many domains require the cloud services not only to offer ultra high availability but also operate at speed and with minimal latency. In this session you will be able to learn about the overall cloud landscape and some specific challenges within Motorola Solutions in relation to those challenges.

High availability for the time critical systems in the Cloud
Kamil Kowalski

SYNOPSIS: There are many mechanisms helping to implement high availability in the cloud, only some of them are appropriate for systems where processing time is critical. The goal of the presentation is to share key elements you need to take into account designing such a system.

Architecture patterns for resiliency and availability
Pawel Wilkosz

SYNOPSIS: There is so much talk about software design patterns but just a little about infrastructure deployment patterns. Why do we keep re-creating the wheel and not focus on how others do the same things? My talk is about design patterns - cloud design patterns for resiliency and availability. So, let's talk about good practices…

Planning for the impossible - Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
Tomasz Wiercioch

SYNOPSIS: Creating systems deployed in the cloud brings speed and simplicity at the cost of giving up control over the underlying infrastructure. In this talk I will discuss what to watch for when designing IaaS or PaaS solutions so that they're not only highly available but also resilient to failure.

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