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  Motorola Solutions Tech Meetup
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On Wednesday afternoon Tech Meet Experts from Motorola Solutions revealed how to use Artificial Intelligence in the transcription of emergency calls and Virtual Assistant Partner.

Another edition of Artificial Intelligence in the field of public safety will take place this Wednesday!

This time, during the discussion, we will focus on technological solutions that reduce the risk of infection in the workplace in the challenging times of COVID.

During Tech MeetUp, you will learn about:

  • Video analysis functions - how evaluate the distance between people in a given area using 3D spatial information
  • Predictive Bandwidth Analysis of AI-driven Video Security Cameras

We are waiting for you: December 2 at 4 pm

Before virtual event we will provide you a link to the meeting.

Find out more about our Speakers:

Speaker: Jehan Wickramasuriya

Topic: Video Analytics for COVID-19 Response

As organizations begin to return to work, we wanted to provide solutions to help them plan for and manage their journey to normal during this pandemic, focusing on: better workplace situational awareness; providing better decision support for both businesses and employees; and being able to minimize the risk of infection within each of their organizations, whether it's a school or an enterprise. I will talk about recently released video analytics capabilities that provide four solutions to our customers: assessing the occupancy of an area; assessing the distance between individuals in an area using 3D spatial information; determining whether a person is not wearing a face mask; and lastly, utilizing edge-based analytics for elevated body temperature detection.

Jehan Wickramasuriya leads the Artificial Intelligence group for MSI, which includes both data science and engineering functions developing mission-critical AI solutions for Motorola's public safety and commercial customers. He has 30 issued or pending patents and over 20 peer-reviewed publications. Jehan has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering with First Class Honors from the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia and did his Masters & PhD work at the University of California, Irvine specializing in distributed systems, computer vision and data mining.

Speakers: Mutaaf Aziz & Viswarup Misra

Topic: Predictive Bandwidth Analysis of AI-driven Video Security Cameras

Motorola Solutions currently offers a variety of products in the Video Security and Analytics space, our AI-driven cameras are one of a kind and require precise bandwidth allotment in the field to perform the analytics at the edge. We've used neural networks and trained custom ML models, in order to predict the bandwidth consumption under any given setting accurately. This presentation will include a demonstration of the product, followed by a description of how we trained the underlying machine learning models to work specifically for our customers, outperforming all off-the-shelf and past solutions.

Mutaaf Aziz has spent over a decade on productizing innovative solutions in the consumer and public safety realms. Currently, he leads the Avigilon Cloud Applications teams under the MSI Video Security and Analytics organization which builds global mission critical video security applications.

Viswarup Misra is a co-op from the University of Illinois who specializes in Data Science. He has an affinity for finding patterns in data and has utilized his skills to help the System Design Tool team at MSI integrate AI/ML into their web based facility design application. 

On our Facebook you will find a recording from Tech MeetUp - part I (25/11) - Facebook

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