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skyhacks Business Weekend with Plug and Play Tech Center

Date & Location:

November 13-15th, 2020 | Silesia + Online

Join your way:

Registration for the Plug and Play Innovation Day - November 13th

Tickets for AI/ML Hackathon - #3 skyhacks - November 14-15th

Tickets for Business Hackathon - create new startup over the weekend - November 14-15th

Where will the event take place?

Because of covid, we organize the event in a hybrid way - physically in Silesia, but also allowing the participants, panelists, hackers, partners, business and more to join and connect with others online

Why should you join in?

If you are interested in AI/ML technology you have to learn about it more because changes are very fast. We prepared 3 different but cooperative events this weekend.

(#1) Business First: Innovation Day with Plug and Play

Friday, November 13th

Together, we accelerate the world's green transformation as the climate changes speed up. In 2018, United Nations held a huge Climate Change Conference, 14th Kyoto Protocol and 1-3th Paris Agreement meetings in Silesia In 2020, we invite visionary, science, politics, business, engineering and creative people to discuss the biggest green challenge, showcase best practices and set new horizons.

During these amazing three days, Friday-Sunday, November 13th - 15th - we will have time and space for:
- breathtaking lectures
- business matchmaking and networking
- startup pitches with awards
- corporate & world challenges
- best Artificial Intelligence engineers and technology experts
- tons of fun!

We will tackle Green Transformation topics - from Silesia to the world:
- Electromobility
- Sustainable energy
- Forests for the climate
- Social and economical transformation challenges

All this will take place on a hybrid platform, allowing the participants to securely and healthy meet on-site, while also allowing remote participants to make the best of this event.

(#2) Next - largest hybrid AI Hackathon in CEE

November 14-15th

AI/ML Hackathon

Best AI engineers working with Big Data to solve big challenges. Teams of 2-6 persons will fight for the cash prizes from our sponsors, working on their datasets to build best Machine Learning models, while business is receiving physical solutions to their real challenge.

(#3) Our newest event baby - Business Hackathon

November 14-15th

Business Hackathon

In a parallel time, ad-hoc creative co-founders team will form mini-companies and get started with their BIG ideas under the watchful eye of mentors. Here's where Plug and Play has great knowledge, experience and network to support the participants.

Who should join us?

AI/ML engineers in every level - from the student, junior to senior developers


For students and junior - learn, take experience

For senior developer - get a real problem, solve the world and… win the prize

Business, Technical, creative people (ideally combined) - check yourself in the real start-up world of challenges and workflow. You will have the opportunity to meet global mentors from Plug and Play network, investors and experts in accelerating business ideas. Maybe your Idea will be the one and win our creative tournament. After 24h you can check yourself on pitch and win a financial prize.

Corporates that are interested in implementing technology in industry, health, medic, agro, energy transformation. The future is now and the winners always run faster. Run-on our event with people who can do for you solving your real business challenges.



10.00 - 10.10 opening ceremony

10.10 - 10.30 - ŚFR

10.35 - 10.55 - Digital Poland

11.00 - 11.20 - Expert Time

11.20 - 11.40 - Expert Time

11.40 - 12.00 - Expert Time

12.00 - 13.00 - lunch break

13.00 - 13.25 - Plug and Play Innovation Day part 1

13.30 - 13-55 - Plug and Play Innovation Day part 2

14.00 - 14.25 - Plug and Play Innovation Day part 3

14.30 - 15.30 - Pitch Contest (only register and prequalificated teams)

15.30 - 16.00 - coffe break

16.00 - 16.30 - Reverse Pitch 

16.30 - 17.30 - match making

18.00 - 19.00 - Get a challange - Hackathons are starting now

till 24.00 our stuff will be answers the questions about the AI problem


Mentors Day on Duty will be from 10.00 AM till 10 PM


8.00 - 9.00 - qualifications teams to final

9.00 - 11.00 - testing and presentations

12.00 - Announcement of the winners

Prizes of winners

What's the next technology development our world needs to step forward?

Artificial intelligence

might just be the right answer to it! Let's gather our powerful minds together for the # 3rd time in history and hack the best out of it. No matter who you are or what you know.

Underdog or mastermind in Data Science? Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Classificators, Big Data or just an AI visionary? Come and join us in 36hours hacking battle in Gliwice - Southern Poland . We have tailored the program for you.

It is all about facing tomorrows today and contribute to solve real problems!

The future is now!


  • The maximum number  of members in a team is 6, you including.
  • We will be announcing the challenges soon!
  • More info on our socials:





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